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Food Pairings & Recipes

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These are some general guidelines to help you choose the best wine to match the food you are preparing. We recommend decanting all young red wines at least a ½ hour to allow the flavors to emerge and to chill Rose and white wines. In the summertime, it's fun to chill reds slightly.

Our advice is always to experiment with these pairings, even if your favorite varietal is not recommended. The flavors are designed to provide harmony between the food and wine. If you are in a hurry and just need to grab something quick for dinner, keep it simple. Match the style of the wine to the style of the food. If you have a light, elegant dish (like sautéed whitefish), grab a light and elegant wine, red or white. If you have a robust and full-bodied dish (steak or a hearty meat sauce) pick a full-bodied and robust wine to match.  When in doubt choose bubbles - they go with everything! 

High alcohol and tannic wines will accentuate the heat of spicy foods, meaning a Cabernet paired with spicy Pad Thai is going to make the heat intense and overwhelming. High acid wines and wines with residual sugar will cool the palate and highlight the flavors, not the heat. Acidity in the food and wine should be close – pair a Sauvignon Blanc with a citrus based dish like lemon piccata. Tannic wine should be paired with protein like steak; it helps to break down the fat, which is why Cabernet and Bordeaux wines goes so well with a juicy, unadorned steak.

Our selection of recipes have several wine suggestions, but at the end of the day, we say drink what you like! The pairing of food & wine is a personal experience. If you have a specific menu and would like help picking out wines, please email us and we will be happy to assist. Cheers!

We are continuously adding recipes - please keep checking back. Cheers and Bon Appetit!

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